GP2 BP8: Leadership

GP2 BP8: Leadership

Referring to Brueggeman’s article, what are 3 ways that social workers build community in groups through their leadership? Please explain your answers and give 2 concrete examples of how you have seen these elements accomplished in your own group experiences.

Three ways social workers build community in groups through their leadership:
1. Develop Consistency: A leader who is consistent in their actions demonstrates the leader’s beliefs, dedication, and priorities. Leaders who are predictable develop the trust of their members.
Example: As a community member, the more successful groups I’ve been in have had leaders who are consistent. When I trust my supervisor, I feel better at my own job.

2. Building Confidence: Social work leaders build the confidence of community members. By helping others develop their own skills, abilities, and intentions, members gain direction to address their own issues in the future.
Example: When I was working for child welfare, my best supervisor was the one who took the time to build my skills as an investigator. She built my skills and I felt confident in my role.

3. Discover Meaning: Leaders observe and listen to their members to find their beliefs, values, and priorities. They seek to understand the importance of meaning to their members.

Brueggmann, W. G. (2006). In The practice of macro social work. Chapter 4.

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