GP2 BP9: Strategic Planning

GP2 BP9: Strategic Planning

Citing Bryson (Chapter 1), what is strategic planning, what does it measure, and why is it necessary? Literally how do we strategically plan?

Strategic planning is a means to making decisions on an agency or organization setting, considering what the agency/organization does and why. It is necessary because it helps establish the process to implement an agency’s mission, goals, and priorities. In short, strategical planning is done by clarifying the roles and purposes of entities within agencies and then doing an evaluation. Then, based on the results, making key changes to an agency’s design to promote effectiveness. I think a way to measure the benefits of strategic planning is to analysis how the planning has affected an agency’s process. Bryson (2011) lists the benefits of strategic planning as: (1) improved strategic thinking, learning, and acting; (2) improved decision making; (3) enhanced organizational effectiveness; (4) enhanced organizational legitimacy, (5) enhanced broader effective social systems; and (6) a benefit to the people involved (p. 15-17).

Bryson, J. M. (2011). Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations. Fourth Edition. Chapters 1 & 2.

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