Policy BP10

Policy BP10

Choose from housing, homelessness, or food policy. Trace historical roots (including at least 3 aspects or discrete pieces of legislation) and at least 2 current issues.

Historical roots of housing:
1. The Housing Act of 1937 – this was America’s first housing policy. It’s intention was to provide financial assistance to the States, providing for safe, sanitary low income housing.
2. Housing Act of 1954 – Sought to renew urban areas by removing “blight” to attract middle and high income families to inner cities. Urban renewal displaced low income families.
3. Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) – This law addressed mortgage redlining, a practice which discriminated based on race and ethnicity.

Current issues:
1. Real estate transactions can be dangerous for low income families. Predatory lenders will facilitate mortgages to homes people cannot afford.
2. Converting neighborhoods and inner cities still displace current low income residents. This process is called gentrification.

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